Balaclava and Boston

Mai 10, 2007

two places where are settled crime novels by Charlotte McLeod.

In Balaclava College lives Peter Shandy, professor, not so young any more and lover of details. So he finds out something about murder and becomes the College’s kind of private eye. The first novel (Rest you merry) is set in Christmas times and Peter has to deal with some traditions he won’t take part in.  But he’s persuaded in a very special way and finds his own way – nice reading so I’m not going to tell any more. This story is followed by eight other novels with Peter Shandy, but after the fifth I think the story is neither so funny any more nor so exciting.

In Boston lives Sarah Kelling in a widely spread family circle of rich people who don’t like to spent money for anything (or nearly anything thinking of uncle Jem). She gets to know a private detective (The family vault)  who’s specialised in artistic questions. This series lives of bizarre and odd people acting in strange ways.  I recommend the first five books of the series – theres a lot to laugh.
Perhaps in these series the crime story is not the most important thing. If you love difficult stories, you may not like these. The stories live by the figures and the setting.


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