Different sides

Juli 20, 2007

or different views told in stories can be very impressive.
In „Zwei Schwestern aus gutem HauseIsabella Bossi Fedrigotti (Di buona famiglia) tells about the life of two sisters. Clara and Virginia both give accounts for their life and their family. At first  couldn’t believe that my readers‘ view could change so completely. It’s a kind of poignant  review to social conventions, fatalism, predetermination. After the first part of the book I made up your mind about the family, about the sisters relations, if I like someone or not and then the next part starts. And I had to start thinking again.
I read some more books by I. Bossi Fedrigotti, but I really think this is (until now) my favourite.
There are other books which tell stories from another point of view. Joan Aiken wrote „Jane Fairfax„, the tale of a young heroine from „Emma“ by Jane Austen. She makes up a whole biography for Jane, imbedded in an existing story and it fits. I’m not quite sure whose pictures remains after reading both novels.


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