Jane Austen

Oktober 13, 2007

I don’t want to write anything about her novels. There are a lot of people who do that and better than I can. I really love reading Austen and enjoy this again and again. And I love to see the films: Emma with Kate Beckinsale or Northanger Abbey with Katharine Schlesinger. Yes there is the mini-serie Pride and Prejudice from the BBC but that one is so famous I think I don’t need to mention it.

During my Austen-reading time I began to collect books about Jane Austen, her work, sequels  and anything similar. And I want to write about some of these.

First -> the sequels

Joan Aiken writes some of them and they are not really bad:
(1984): Mansfield revisited,  (1994): Eliza’s daughter ,  (1996?): Emma Watson,  (2000): Lady Catherine’s necklace (Der Schmuck der Lady Catherine), (2000/2): The youngest Miss Ward (Die jüngste Miss Ward)
Its easy to see where this novels belong to: Mansfield Park, Sense and Sensibility, The Watsons, Pride and Prejudice and Mansfield Park again. Emma Watson is a modern sequel. The Necklace is a nice reunion of Maria Lucas, the Collins and Anne. The story is somewhat boring and lacks surprises. To see Mansfield again ist very nice and even so here are no great surprises I liked to meet the residents of Mansfield again. And it’s a fine story to read. Miss Ward was an unnecessary novel and seems to be kind of moneymaking writing. There was no fourth sister and only for some quotations I needn’t read this one.

Jane Dawkins focus on Pride and Prejudice with (1999): Letters from Pemberley  and (2003): More letters from Pemberley.
I enjoyed these. Dawkins wrotes about her intentions and in this she reaches her aim to amuse and not to copy Austen. The mixing of people from other books is a bit forced. The second book is an emotional overkill. You had to read it in one go or never.

Emma Tennant corresponds to Pride and Prejudice with Pemberley, too. She wrote some more books but I had to confess, after reading this one I dared not to read some more. [One day I hope I have the courage to try 😉 ]

I know there are a lot more books and I’m going to continue my list and next time I’ll write about some other books concerning Jane Austen.


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